Inbreeding Coefficient

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Every Morgan Horse traces back to only one stallion, Figure aka. Justin Morgan. Due to this fact and to create a new breed, people kept crossing his progeny to preserve Figures attitudes.
Although the number of Morgan horses grew bigger and bigger over the years, only registered Morgans may be used for breeding today, to get a full registered Morgan Horse.
With the increase of the Inbreeding coefficient, several breeding characteristics will become stronger. That`s how special characteristics got firmed into the Morgan breed, like for example, colour, size, movement and attitude. When we have a look at the Lambert-family, we can see that nearly all of them are chestnut .This is the result of a consequent breeding with mainly chestnut Morgans tracing to Sherman Morgan, the founder of this bloodline and son of Figure.

From time to time it happens that people cross fullbrothers/-sister with each other to get an extraordinary horse. Some of the best World Champions were bred like that. But you have to be careful- choose only the best individuals with nearly perfect exterieur and interieur . It needs a very experienced breeder with a lot of knowledge about the Morgan breed, to try those crosses. Otherways it could happen that you will fix the wrong characteristics like a weak hindquarter , a bad character or other deseases in your resulting foal. This foal would have a very high Inbreeding Coafficient since its parents have the same ancestors.
All the Morgan families from today like Lippit, Brunk, Working Western, Foundation, Lambert or Government were founded by this way. We still keep up with this tradition to fix and preserve some of the most admired characteristica of this particular line.

To reach every breeder`s aim, the improvement of the breed like fixed by todays breeding standards , you should not go the opposite way and use only cross horses with very different bloodlines what would mean a low Inbreeding Coefficient. The product of these crosses can spread very far and you can`t estimate the result of your breeding.
So the Inbreeding Coefficient its one of the most important tools for the responsible breeder when searching for the perfect cross and looking for the best fitting stallion or mare for his breeding program. With an Inbreeding Coefficient of 18% and over you must be sure to exactly know what you are doing, because its most likely that you will get exactly what the pedigree promises to you. An expert in Morgan breed only needs to have on look at the pedigree to have a concrete Imagination of the horse behind the name. The currently most favourised IC is between 10% and 17% and it assumes you a well bred Morgan .
Our Glenmorgan Final Hylight is just on line with his IC of 11%, his IC is pending on Upwey Ben Don, the "Horse of the Century", to whom Finn is crossed back to for six times.
The horse that is mentioned the most in your pedigree is the one your IC is pending on. When you now got curious to know the IC of your horse, we will be glad to help you to figure it out.

Stefanie Niggemeier